We’d love to have you along for the ride

Creative group is one of the fastest growing digital technology companies in NL with current sales going over Euro 100 Mio and growing with double digits. As a pure e-commerce player, we specialize in everything that is a code. We develop and operate high volume online platforms that run a large variety of websites, which focus on selling, sending or exchanging digital value such as App Store, call credit or e-tail credits. Our main partners are companies like Apple, Google and many telecom companies worldwide. Creative Group is based in Amsterdam with also offices in Nijmegen. Currently Creative Group employs 65 FTE.

Customers First

We listen to our customers and always go the extra mile. In our day-to-day business, customers are the starting point of every conversation. The value for CG is in happy customers, so we aim for the best UX and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Deliver Always

We set smart goals, commit and deliver. We look forward and are always ready for action. Go find your passion, let curiosity and ambition lead the way. We will win this market by a long series of small moves and improvements. Some will fail. Failing is OK. Quiting is not; we focus and finish.

Being Well

Being well starts with well-being. How good we feel, as human beings, impacts the results of the flock. So we take good care of ourselves and each other. We work hard, but never lose track of our daily dose of fun. Don’t judge, but learn from each other. We work as a team, open and respectful. Determined to be well.

Love Change

Change puts things in motion, it excites us. We respond to change like true entrepreneurs, it’s in our DNA. We live tech, it’s our prerequisite for growth. We ask questions in order to continuously discover new possibilities. Life at CG is a roller coaster, enjoy the ride!